There are many people throughout the world that don’t like the feeling of riding a motorcycle with a helmet and I get it. There is nothing like the feeling of hitting the road without a helmet and feeling ultra close and almost like your one with your surroundings and the world is your oyster, but going with head protection is a very dangerous proposition.

helmet laws are in place to protect people from themselves. Most people who ride know that the helmet can help save their lives in the event of an accident, however sometimes the overwhelming thought of I’m just going around the corner can override the common sense factor.

There are several laws throughout the USA about helmet laws.Some states have 100% helmet laws, while other states have helmet laws for people under the age of 18.There are also other little technicalities among the states.

There is a nice website that has the helmet laws listed for easy reading. has all the helmet laws listed.

Bikers have been called rebels,nomads,gangsters,thugs and to many others to mention and the love affair some riders have with their machines can make it irresistible to go out on a quick ride without a helmet.

With all the traffic on the roads today and the drivers who think they own the road and all the road rage, wearing a helmet is one way to show the general public that you do have a brain in your head.


Another War For America?

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With the USA being involved in conflicts around the world, not to mention the wars in the middle east that have gone on for a decade.Now Iran has once again put another log on the fire.

Two Iranians have had a plan in the works to kill a Saudi diplomat for a while now.Fortunetly undercover investigators had foiled the plan to kill the diplomat in a D.C restaurant that may have killed many people. The men have ties to governmental organizations in Iran and it is believed the terrorists had the blessings of top officials.

So what now? How will the USA government  react to this. I think another war would hopefully not be in the plans. The american soldiers need to come back home from all the conflicts we are involved in. I just hope that our government is clear-headed and uses other methods of showing their dissatisfaction with the Iranians.

In The News 10/10/2011

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‘Happy Days’ Triumph Motorcycle Hits The Auction Block
Motor Authority
As The New York Times tells us, that survivor will go under the hammer at the upcoming Bonhams Classic California Sale, scheduled for November 12 at the Petersen Automotive Museum. The “Happy Days” Triumph is expected to fetch between $60000 and $80000
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Motor Authority

The Perils of Bears and Motorcycles.
The River Journal
By Boots Reynolds 52 minutes ago Bears—they have been in the news a lot lately, them and motorcycle jockeys. Seems the only time they are mentioned is when someone gets killed by one. I liked it back in the day when Glacier Park Bears could get away
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In The News 10/06/2011

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Bike Fest set to roar into New Port Richey
NEW PORT RICHEY — The arrival of October means cooler weather (at least in theory), the sprouting of pumpkin patches and the roar of motorcycles converging on Orange Lake. Thousands of motorcycle fans and riding diehards will roll into downtown this
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Mayor Bloomberg Rides a 9/11 Tribute Chopper
In order to celebrate, honor, and remember the freedoms that our soldiers fight for every day, Paul Teutul Jr. of the Discovery Channel’s “American Chopper,” created two custom motorcycles as a tribute to the new World Trade Center.
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MMA Simulcast

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When Orange County Choppers first appeared on the Discovery channel a few years ago,it has consistently grown in TV ratings. I think mainly because of the family dynamic and frankly the biker builds. The motorcycles they create are real gorgeous pieces of machinery.

The last couple of seasons have been extremely entertaining to watch,unfortunetly that family dynamic thing has been shredded in the process. I happen to fall on Paul Jrs side for the most part anyway.

Mikey is an interesting person in his own right without really touching a motorcycle. Although each character has their place, Mikey seems to be an intelligent person who with all his faults continues to find ways to grow and expand his thought process and seems really determined to find his own path to success.

Paul Jr. definetly has the creative juices that bring to life the bike designs and would rather not settle for an OK build or sacrifice the designs unique features just to get it done.

Paul Sr.. Ah Paul Sr. where to start. Of course everthing I’m writing is my own opinion.I think Paul Sr has come an extremely long way from all his troubles in the younger years and deserves respect for what he has been able to accomplish.Unfortunetly his personality seems to get in the way of making things or smoother (not really sure what the word is) In many instances it has been his way or nothing and if challenged gets a bit of a temper going.By all means he owns the business but when it comes to being level headed he can sometimes lose it which can create problems.

There are so many personalities that show up every week on the show that individually might not seem like much but put everybody together and wow what an hour.

If you’ve never seem the show it’s on the Discovery channel on Monday’s at 9pm.The discovery channel also shows older episodes during the week on most weeks.