Another War For America?

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

With the USA being involved in conflicts around the world, not to mention the wars in the middle east that have gone on for a decade.Now Iran has once again put another log on the fire.

Two Iranians have had a plan in the works to kill a Saudi diplomat for a while now.Fortunetly undercover investigators had foiled the plan to kill the diplomat in a D.C restaurant that may have killed many people. The men have ties to governmental organizations in Iran and it is believed the terrorists had the blessings of top officials.

So what now? How will the USA government  react to this. I think another war would hopefully not be in the plans. The american soldiers need to come back home from all the conflicts we are involved in. I just hope that our government is clear-headed and uses other methods of showing their dissatisfaction with the Iranians.


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